The 3rd International
& 8th National Congress on
Health Education & Promotion


  1. Individual, family and community health
    1. Healthy life style
    2. Individual, organization and social self care  
    3. Health literacy
    4. Media literacy
    5. psycho-Social determinants of health
    6. Biological-Enviromental determinants of health
    7. Addiction studies with a social approach
  2. Capacity building for Health promotion
    1. Advocacy and social mobilization
    2. Empowerment and Partnership
    3. Equity in health
    4. Information technology management in health
    5. Health promoting settings
    6. Health in all policies
  3. Creativity and innovation in:
    1. Instruments measurement and message framing
    2. Theories and modeles
    3. Instructional programs and protocols
    4. Future studies in health promotion
    5. Learning strategies
Imam Square Isfahan
Chehel Sotoun Isfahan