The 3rd International
& 8th National Congress on
Health Education & Promotion


Department of Health Education & Promotion in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Iranian Society of Health and their partners are looking forward to hosting this important global event. 3rd International and 8 national Congress of the Health Education & Promotion will take place in Isfahan- Iran from 23 to 25 August 2017. The aim is to create a national and global forum where professionals, researchers, practitioners , policy makers and students involved in and concerned about the promotion of health and will share and discuss new knowledge, innovations in practice and policy

Thematic scope

Despite urgent calls for governments at all levels to take action on the social determinants of health such as: the distribution of resources and power, the gap between those at the top and those of the bottom of social hierarchies is still growing. The concentration of global wealth into an increasingly limited proportion of individuals has reached an unprecedented level. The health impacts of such a concentration are visible globally through international comparisons showing that population’s health in wealthy nations is still improving pushing the limits of human lifespan to unchartered territories, whereas that in the poorest and most disorganized countries is regressing. Health impacts are also felt nationally and locally in our cities, neighborhoods and villages wherein entire groups of people do not have access to the basic resources with which to build up their own health and that of their children and grandchildren. 31 after the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion was adopted by participants who committed “to tackle the inequities in health produced by (societies’) rules and practices” and more than ever, equity should be a top priority for health promotion policy makers, practitioners, researchers and their partners. will provide opportunity to assess progress, share strategies, exchange research results and reflect on innovative practices and policies that promote health and equity, at all levels of governance.

Sub themes    

In order to explore in detail how to promote health and equity, and emerging from the most innovative and current work in health education and  promotion research, policy and practice, the following sub themes will structure the program

Imam Square Isfahan
Chehel Sotoun Isfahan